Free Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP)

Gauge Your Current Security, Productivity and Utilization With No Risk Obtaining a Cyber Threat Assessment Report will give you unmatched insight into your current security posture and network activity. Learn more about your network by registering for an assessment today!
  • Are you concerned that your current security infrastructure may not accurately detect today’s sophisticated attacks?
  • Do you have the operational visibility to understand how applications (traditional and web-based) are truly being utilized on your network?
  • Is your current security solution able to sustain present-day throughput demands despite increased traffic volume (perhaps due to cloud based storage, big data analytics or increased web usage)?


If you are asking any of these questions, the
Cyber Threat Assessment Program is for you!


Running an assessment is a great approach to testing the effectiveness of your existing solutions. It’s like getting a second opinion from a doctor – it can’t hurt!

It’s free and are designed to take less than 30 minutes of your time.

We’ll do the heavy lifting! And if we uncover something noteworthy, you’d probably want to know. 70% of our assessments find potential threats. Contact us to get started!

Cyber Threat Assessments

Next Generation Fire Wall Assessment Report

Identify security risks and understand general network usage.

Email Risk Assessment Report

Determine whether in-built controls of Office 365 are sufficient.

Secure SD-Wan Assessment Report

Determine business application performance and WAN bandwidth utilization.

Ready to get a free assessment report for your company domain? Set up a call with our team now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Configure device and/or service within the network
  • Starts to log activities
  • Collect logs for 3-7 days
  • Generate the report
  • Discuss the findings from the report

CTAP can be deployed in different ways per type of assessment wanted:

















Normally about a week, but it can be run over a lunchtime too.

We want to collect a representative sampling of network activity.

No, assessments were built to minimize any impact on the network.

All assessments have a way to “listen only” in sniffer mode.

We use the EU’s GDPR as a basis for maintaining strict privacy.

Each assessment type has a Data Privacy Notice that we can send you.

Yes, FortiGate-based assessments can be run virtually in ESXi.

Email assessments are entirely cloud based as well.

Free. Contact us today to get started.

Your path to protecting your company:

Get Clarity

Speak with an ESX cybersecurity pro to determine your specific vulnerabilities, needs and opportunities.

Get Assessed

Over 2 weeks, our team will run an in-depth audit of your system, spotting your weaknesses and compliance errors.

Get Protected

Feel confident your business is protected 24/7 by cutting edge, proven technology and cybersecurity experts.

Can Your Business Afford a $1.85M Cyber Attack?

A company will spend $2M on average to recover from a ransomware attack—not quantifying the reputational hit they take.

But hiring dedicated cybersecurity staff is typically cost-prohibitive. And standard antivirus software? It doesn’t stand in the way of a determined bad actor.

That’s why our clients trust us to fully manage their cybersecurity, a cost-effective and proven approach to keeping their business safe.

If you’re unsure if your company is properly protected, set up a consultation with our team of cybersecurity experts now.

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