EDR - End Point Detection & Response

Don’t let your company’s data or IT systems fall into the wrong hands. No matter the size of your business, bad actors are utilizing ransomware and malware attacks with surprising skill to gain access to ransom payments, data and IP

If you’re relying on a non-specialized IT team for cybersecurity or even a sophisticated antivirus program, it’s not enough. So, what is enough?

FortiEDR - How to Keep Your Data, Systems and IP Secure

Protect & Monitor – Our advanced platform, FortiEDR, offers real time protection for your entire business, constantly looking for malware, ransomware and other threats.

Detect & Analyze – Utilizing AI and machine learning, FortiEDR automatically detects even the stealthiest infiltration and prevents attempts from progressing.

Respond & Eliminate – In the event of a threat, FortiEDR targets the issue, control rogue devices and create a full report once the issue has been neutralized

FortiEDR Features

Blocking & Protection

Real-time pre-execution blocking and post-infection protection

Detect & Analyze

Protect disconnected endpoints with offline protection

Orchestrated Incident Response

Predefine common response actions to automate incident response

Threat Hunting

Search endpoints in real-time for malicious files

Forensics Investigation

Interface with a clear explanation for alerts and suggests logical next steps

Guided Remediation

Guided Remediation Services on post-breach scenarios.

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FortiEDR Resources

FortiEDR vs Competitors

Managing FortiEDR

Who is responsible for managing the EDR platform on a daily basis?

By design, EDR systems are designed to generate a large volume of alerts or indicators, which must be manually triaged to separate malicious from benign on a daily basis. There are rules, playbooks, and other optimizations included to build-out a robust EDR platform.

Why should we manage your EDR platform for you?

Talent Shortage: Unfortunately, there is a talent shortage and most IT-teams are already short-staffed, this is a “chatty” platform, that takes time away from current staff in order to managed events daily.

Economies of Scale: The more we do the faster and better we are at deploying, educating, creating playbooks, handling events, threat hunting, and forensics analysis.

Enterprise Licensing for Standard Costs: We can bring in our highly trained team with fully-featured licensing as an MSSP to be as cost-effective as “Standard EDR” Licensing.

Flexibility: we can go up or down with licensing month-to-month as your end point counts change so you do not have to buy in “blocks.”

Always Ready

Our team of round-the-clock cybersecurity experts are always here to protect you.

Always Cost-Effective

More affordable than in-house experts. Far more effective than antivirus software.

Always Secure

Our AI-powered FortiEDR platform protects, detects and even responds to security issues in real time.

Can Your Business Afford a $1.85M Cyber Attack?

A company will spend $2M on average to recover from a ransomware attack—not quantifying the reputational hit they take.

But hiring dedicated cybersecurity staff is typically cost-prohibitive. And standard antivirus software? It doesn’t stand in the way of a determined bad actor.

That’s why our clients trust us to fully manage their cybersecurity, a cost-effective and proven approach to keeping their business safe.

If you’re unsure if your company is properly protected, set up a consultation with our team of cybersecurity experts now.

Frequently Asked Questions

An endpoint is considered to be a workstation (laptop or desktop) or server (physical or virtual).

A SIEM is an acronym for Security Information Event Manager. A SIEM is a centralized platform to send any and all logs from your infrastructure devices. The SIEM is AI driven to go through all logs looking for potential Security Information Events, that could compromise the environment, and then send an alert.

No, a SIEM is more or less a “live reporter” reporting on potential or actual compromises but is not designed to stop the threat rather than report on said threat in real time.
Yes, technically EDR is also called by many Next Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV). Traditional AV looks for known-signatures and works to stop the bad ones. However, bad actors have become excellent at “forging” signatures to make malware programs look like known-acceptable programs.
In very basic laymen’s terms: EDR is designed to “whitelist” programs that are deemed acceptable to run. If any program, good or bad, has not been “whitelisted” then it will be blocked from running at all. This is why it works so well but also kicks out a lot of events that must be tended to. This is also why you should patch & update your AV continuously because it will not be aware of the latest threats vs. EDR won’t let a program run if it has not been manually approved.
EDR is a blanket term for the platform (regardless of feature set). MDR is an acronym for Managed Detection & Response, meaning someone else is managing the platform for you. This means they handle the installation, playbooks, daily events, threat hunting, forensics, guided remediation and more.
As one of our engineers says: “it depends on everything.” Most companies are understaffed in the IT-department and this is just one more thing learn, implement, and manage daily.

By design, EDR systems generate a large volume of alerts or indicators, which must be manually triaged to separate malicious from benign on a daily basis. These events force a need for daily interaction to whitelist them (so employees can use such programs), or triage malicious events which kicks off further threat hunting, investigation, forensics, and guided remediation. The opportunity cost of time vs. the hard cost of going with MDR is usually obvious.

Even dedicated IT teams often fail to spot vulnerabilities and implement effective solutions. Book a call with our cybersecurity team to quickly identify your weak spots!

Your path to protecting your company:

Get Clarity

Speak with an ESX cybersecurity pro to determine your specific vulnerabilities, needs and opportunities.

Get Assessed

Over 2 weeks, our team will run an in-depth audit of your system, spotting your weaknesses and compliance errors.

Get Protected

Feel confident your business is protected 24/7 by cutting edge, proven technology and cybersecurity experts.

Ransomware and Malware Attacks Are Sophisticated and Clever. Can You Say the Same About Your Company’s Cyber Security?

Having a team of dedicated cyber security experts armed with the latest in 24/7 endpoint protection, detection, and response technology is enough.

You need to feel confident your business is not only protected, but covered by a team and technology that will identify and eliminate sophisticated cyber attacks, a solution that’s more powerful than an in-house IT team or standard antivirus software and more cost-effective than dedicated cyber security staff.

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