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Keep Your IT Equipment Lifespans Long and Maintenance Costs Low. Get premium support from expert engineers and warrantied OEM hardware with ESX’s Third Party Maintenance & Support Services

Save Up To 70% Over OEM

Choose from Flexible Service Plans

Gain Support for 40+ Brands

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Prevent IT emergencies and high OEM costs from sinking your IT systems.

Whether you’ve just experienced an IT emergency or discovered your costs for OEM support is going through the roof, ESX can keep your IT hardware running smoothly.

ESX’s Maintenance & Support services provides you with a team of engineers proven expertise and access to tested, warrantied products for current, end of life (EOL) and end of service life (EOSL) hardware.

Proactively prevent issues while saving money. Get in touch now for a no-cost quote!

Choose a Plan That Best Fits Your IT Needs & Budget



Ideal for small businesses and those with newer IT hardware



Ideal for small to medium businesses with IT hardware just out of warranty


9x5x4 (NBD)

Ideal for medium to large businesses with complex IT environments.



Ideal for large, complex businesses with multiple locations and diverse IT systems.

8 Reasons Why Clients Choose
ESX IT Maintenance & Support

1. Up to 70% cost savings over OEM

2. Friendly, fast communication

3. Customizable plans

4. Expert support for top brands

5. Certified, experienced engineer support

6. Genuine, tested and warrantied parts

7. Delays large, costly hardware buys

8. Peace of mind and time savings

“Our environment’s stability, availability, and reliability was unbelievable – my stress levels have been significantly lowered”
Andy Erikson
IT Coordinator - CDI

Cost-Effective Maintenance & Support for 40+ OEMs

Genuine parts with support from experienced, certified engineers.

Storage OEMs

Server OEMs

Networking & Firewall OEMs

Get Even More Value from ESX

Bundle ESX’s services to keep your business safe and running smoothly—while driving significant cost savings!

Managed Services

Improve quality, uptime and costs by partnering with IT professionals who offer premium support and care.

Cybersecurity Services

Prevent, identify and respond to bad actors trying to do harm to your IT systems, data and company.

Get Protected

Gain external IT expertise during migrations, complex projects, or to optimize your IT processes.

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